1. Winnie
  2. Under The Same Moon
  3. Missing You Tonight
  4. When Can I See You Again
  5. You're The One

“Winnie” is the collaboration of Joel Simpson and Jennifer Ashley, who write and perform together as Ashley & Simpson. Their debut album follows the love story of Winnie and Johnny. We can all relate to these songs that chronicle their journey. “Really, we all identify with the joy, longing, and heartbreak that the experience of love brings us,” says Jennifer, “While each song is about them, it can be about any of us and what we’ve felt at one point or another in our lives.”

Once Joel and Jennifer decided to collaborate and wrote the title track “Winnie,” the concept for the album revealed itself pretty quickly. Joel says, “As we were writing the songs for the album, it felt as if I was reading a book—each song being a different chapter of Winnie and Johnny’s lives, but with the common thread of enduring love.”

Jennifer and Joel’s individual contributions really blossom when working together as a team. His vision as a producer, plus her passion for photography and graphic design, really maximizes the listener’s experience. All of this on top of their serious musical talent and song-writing capability, Ashley & Simpson are a rising-star duo not to miss.

Click on the links to hear some favorites from the album, which can be purchased wherever digital music is sold!